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AR Publishing welcomes the following newest members to our team:

- Martin C. Bear - Finance Team

- Duke ("DJ") Smith - Content Team

- Pat Smith - Customer Service

Welcome to AR Publishing.

In business the difference between success and failure is knowledge and experience.

We shorten the time to get to profitability by sharing shortcuts, tips, techniques and experience through our success publications.

Our publications focus on finding better ways to identify opportunity and then building customer centric systems that adapt and grow.

We also help our clients exploit technology to automate their marketing efforts. We specialize in the use of IVR, CRM and BPO to help leverage customer satisfaction.

CEO Message: "People don't become more relaxed and confident overnight. Nor do they become more successful without direction. Our 5-Step™ Business Success Program is designed to build business success by providing you with specific success-oriented tasks that allow you to build a repertoire of successful behaviors over time. Contact one of our local business coaches or our office today for details."
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